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If you want to learn how to buy a domain name, then you are in the right place. I will try tell you everything you need for buying your own domain name step by step. You can have your domain name for your business, affiliate site, blog or what ever you want with this easy to follow tutorial. I will also give you some SEO strategies you should use while buying your domain name.


Domain name registration is something very important for your website. You should first decide the name of your website. This is actually your id, and it should be chosen wisely. The name of your website mostly depends on what your website will be about. If you want to build a website about video games, then you should have a domain name include the word "video" and "games". This is good for SEO, but your name should also be catchy. Actually, I prefer catchy domain names instead of long and keyword based names, but Google likes long and keyword based domain names. If you search "video games" with Google, you can see that first page has many domain names that have the word "video", "games" or both.


  how to choose a domain name  

Once you choose the domain name, then you should buy it. There are lots of companies that provide you free domain names, but I don't recommend to choose one of them. I've tried to use free domain name once, but believe me if you want to have a quality website and have a place in Google, then you should have a quality domain name such as com, org, net etc.


The best place you can buy a domain name is Godaddy. They are not good for hosting, but they are the best for domain name. I am not an affiliate of Godaddy, so you can trust me. Go to, you will see the homepage of the Godaddy. Place your name in the box which says "Start your domain search", then press the "Go" button.


  how to buy a domain name with godaddy  

If the domain name is available, then you should see the page below. I use the name "" as an example.


  domain name is available  


You can see in the Circle-1 that the domain name is available, and the price is $12.99 as you can see in the Circle-2. Sometimes even if the domain name is available, the price is higher than $12.99. This type of domain names are called premium domain names, and Godaddy doesn't have them. Some people have them, and sell their domain names by using Godaddy. The normal price for domain name is $12.99. I don't recommend you to buy premium domain names unless you really need them. If your domain name is not available, then try another possibilities. After you find the available domain name, press the "Continue" button.


  how to purchase domain name  

Once you press the "Continue" button, you will reach the page that have 3 steps. Godaddy asks you something about your purchase. In Step-1, you can choose the privacy settings for your domain name.


  choose privacy settings of domain name is easy  


Privacy protection hides your personal information such as your name, address etc. from internet. If people write your website's name in search engines like Google, they cannot see any personal information of yours. You can choose privacy protection, but if you don't care whether your personal information is public or not, then it is your choice. Personally, I don't care privacy protection. I think it is not necessary.

In Step-2 Godaddy asks you whether you want to use their hosting service for your domain name or not. Personally, the answer is NO. As I said before, Godaddy is the best for domain name, but they are not good for hosting service. I suggest not to choose "Host my Website" box. "Build my Website" option is not necessary too. You can build your website using wordpress easily, and I will tell you how to build your website by using wordpress in another article. Then we can skip Step-2 :)


  hosting with godaddy or not  

In Step-3, Godaddy asks you whether you want an e-mail account or not. Personally, the answer is also NO. When you buy hosting service for your domain name, most of them will give you free e-mail accounts. You can use your website's e-mail account like after buying your hosting service. Then, we can also skip the Step-3.


  domain name e-mail settings  


Now you should press the "Continue to Cart" button. You will reach the page that you can see the final price of your domain name. You can see that the final price of the domain is $13.17 for one year. However, you can use coupon codes for discount for the first year of the domain registration. You can simply write "coupon codes for godaddy" or something like that to Google, and have your coupon code for Godaddy. I am not providing you coupon codes for Godaddy because as I said before I am not an affiliate for Godaddy, and I want you to believe me.


  final price of the domain name  

If you have a coupon code which I strongly recommend, you can click the "Have a Promo Code?" button and write your coupon code and click the "Apply" button. You can have your domain name as low as $3.13 for the first year. It is very good deal.


  coupon codes for godaddy  


Next thing you should do is to click the "Proceed to Checkout" button. Then you will reach the page below. If you are a new customer then click the "Continue" button.


  domain new costumer  

Then you need to write your billing information. You should write them correctly for the future issues. After fill the form, click the "Continue" button. Then you can place your order with using next page.


  domain name billing information  


I hope you liked my how to buy a domain name tutorial. Buying process is actually very easy, and cheap for the first year, but the domain name choice can be very difficult. Your comments are very important for me, so share what you think about tutorial, your questions, or whatever you want. Good luck with your website :)



Hi, I am Erol, author of the article. Building a website can be very difficult and I want to share my knowledge with you. Buying domain name is the first step ,but very important one. I will also write articles about other steps of building a website soon. I will be very glad if you share your comments with us. Thank you.

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