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Hi everyone, I want to talk about how you make money online, and my experiences for

you. First of all, you need to know that making money online is not easy. I have lots of failures in this way. I have learned everything I know with countless researches and my failures, but once you learn basics of making money online, you cannot stop yourselves, and want more like me.


I said that I have lots of mistakes in this way. I am writing this article because I don't want you to do mistakes like me. I will write more articles to inform you and simplify the making money process in this infinite internet world.


When I have first decided to make money online, I was 19 years old, and now I am 24. In this five years I have tried lots of things to make money. I am not a guru, I am one of you, but I want to shine your way with my experiences. First, I want to tell you what behaviours you should avoid in internet business.




One thing you need to know that if you want to make money online, don't seek an easy way. There is no easy way to make money online.


1. Please stay away from trying to build a website completely free! Because I have tried to build lots of free websites, but none of them works. People, search engines and social media don't like free websites. I have lots of free websites, but none of them shows up in search engines like Google because search engines don't trust these kinds of free websites. You cannot even put your link to facebook to promote your website. They know that these kinds of websites' lives are very short, so they don't let you. These search engines don't even index your free accounts. I have spent considerable amounts of time waiting for showing up in search engines. Please don't do that.


There are lots of affordable hosting services. Buy your own host from some of them. Once you buy your own host, second thing you should do is buying your own domain. Believe me having your own domain is more important than having your own host because domain name is your sign in the internet world. Hosting services can always be changed. I don't want to tell you what the domain or hosting is because you can find and learn about these easily with internet.


However, I want to mention about the blogging. How to make money with blogs. Well, creating a blog is very easy and free, and search engines like blogs(with good contents). It is very good option to make money from home, but these blogs are not completely yours. Blog suppliers can shut down your blog. If there is a problem about your blog, you cannot demand your contents back. I highly recommend having your own website.


2. Don't even thing about buying your host and domain in one place! I think this is very common mistake to buy the domain name and hosting service from the same supplier. You need to seperate these because if you have trouble with your supplier, you can loose both your domain and host at the same time easily. I can recommend GoDaddy to buy your domain name because it is very reliable supplier to buy a domain. Hosting is very different thing, and you can choose it according to your needs and budgeds.


3. Don't try to promote every affiliate products in one website! you need visitors especially returning visitors to make money online, and most visitors have specific websites when they want to search about something they need about specific topics. For example, if I have a issue about some code in my website, then I first visit and search about my programming promlems, or if I have a problem about my dog, the I visit to learn about my problem. Of course, people visit other websites to solve their problem, but the most of the cases, people visit the website they trust.


Choose a topic for your website. This topic should be something you know lots of things about, and enjoy to research about. Then you need to write good contents about your topics. These contents should be something people need and enjoy to read. Then, they begin to trust your website with time. Finally, if they need to learn something about your topic, they visit your website first! This is the key point of the success. After all of these, you can give people they need with your affiliate products. This is not easy process, but it is the most important thing to make money online. This process also attract the search engines attention. They begin to index your website, and if you work well you can see your website in the first page of Google. I will tell you how you can see your website in the first page of search engines in my other articles.


4. Don't try to make money online easily with Google Adwords! Because Google has strict policies for making easy money. If you build a website with your affiliate links and try to promote it with Adwords, you will be banned by Google Adwords for lifetime. Yes, for lifetime! Google wants good contents and products(not affiliate links) to be part of your adwords advertising.


I said that you need to write good contents about your topic. Contents are very important and should be unique and informative. You should write your content both for people and search engines. It is another key point to have lots of traffic to your website.


These four things are something you need to stay away if you want to earn money from your website. I will tell you how can you build your website, write good content for people and search engines, promote your website with using social platforms, see your website on the first page of the search engines in my other articles in details.












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