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Hostgator coupon code provides you the best price for the best hosting service. There are actually 2 coupons. One is 25% off for your all purchases, and the other is $9.94 off for your all purchases. When I've searched for Hostgator coupon codes in the internet, I saw lots of scams such as 50% off coupon code. I can assure you that there is no 50% coupon code for Hostgator hosting service. Another funny thing is that many coupon providers say that there was %50 Hostgator coupon code for 2013 but it expired, so there is no %50 off for 2014. It is also a big scam. Hostgator coupon codes last forever! These are all scam marketing techniques. Please don't let them lie to you.


I will provide you the coupon codes, then I will tell you my real experiences about Hostgator. It is very important because I've worked with another hosting company, and had lots of problems with that. Then I've decided to change my hosting company. After lots of searches, I started to work with Hostgator and all my problems disappeared. I will tell you everything. For now, it is discount time:)


Just go to Hostgator website here and select web hosting plan you want to use. Then, go to the order page, and copy and paste one of the coupon code in "Coupon Code" box. If it is not clear, don't worry I will tell you all the steps with pictures.


hostgator coupon code


25% OFF








$9.94 OFF









I will tell you all the details about how to use hostgator coupon code step-by-step with pictures.


Step 1: You should go Hostgator website here. You will see the homepage of the Hostgator.


  how to use hostgator coupon code  


Step 2: Then you should click the "VIEW WEB HOSTING PLANS" button in the homepage of the Hostgator. I show this button with red circle in below picture.


  how to use hostgator coupon code 2  


Step 3: After clicking this button you will see the hosting plans. There are basicly 3 hosting plans which are Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan in hostgator. How to choose Hostgator hosting plan is very important question, and here is the answer.

1. Hatchling Plan: If you plan to use one domain, then this is the best plan for you. You will have unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail account, unlimited sub domains and more with this plan. I am currently use Hatchling Plan for my website, and I am more than happy with that.

2. Baby Plan: If you plan to use more than one domain, then you should buy this hosting plan. Baby plan gives you unlimited domain and everything in the Hatchling Plan. The main difference between Hatchling Plan and Baby Plan is the number of domain you are allowed to use in a single hosting account.

3. Business Plan: With Business Plan you will have all the things in the Baby Plan, and you will also have free private SSL, IP and Toll Free Number. SSL certificate is basicly a secured connections. You need to use secured connections, if your costumers will pay you with credit card directly. Private IP is static IP, and it is mostly used for secured connections. If you use Toll Free Number then people from US and Canada can call you, and they don't pay long distance charges for their call. However, it is free for first 100 minutes. After 100 minutes, you will pay 4.9 cents per minute for people who call you from US, and you will pay 6.9 cents per minute for people who call you from Canada. If you don't need these advanced features, then Hatchling Plan and Baby Plan are more than enough.


  how to use hostgator coupon code  


Step 4: After deciding which hosting plan you want to use, you should click "ORDER NOW" button. I explain this step for Hatchling Plan which I currently use. Then you will see the order page of the hosting plan. You should fill your personal information. After filling all your personal information, you will see "Coupon Code" box that you can see in the red circle. You should copy the coupon code which I gave you and paste this code into the "Coupon Code" box that you can see in the below picture with red circle.


  how to use hostgator discount code  


  hostgator coupon code sample  


Step 5: You copied the coupon code and pasted into the "Coupon Code" box. Then you should click the "Validate" button right below the "Coupon Code" box. You will see the discount right after the clicking this button. Discounts is only for hosting plan not for hosting addons. I select "Sitelock" for this account, so it adds additional $14.99 for Hatchling Plan. I add Sitelock because it is very important and highly recommended for your website's security. If you don't want to use Sitelock, then you will pay less than this price. It is $77.54 with Sitelock, and $62.55 without Sitelock if you use the coupon code as you can see in pictures below.


  hostgator discount code  


  hostgator how to use coupons for big discount  


Step 6: Last step is to check the "terms and conditions" box and click "CREATE ACCOUNT" button below. That's it. You are ready to use your hosting account with huge discount.




I will tell you all the best things about hostgator with using my real experiences. I will not tell you lots of technical details. I know you want to know real things from real person. Well, first thing I want to tell you is uptime of the Hostgator servers. I've used another hosting which is well known hosting company before Hostgator. I've had lots of problems, and one of the biggest problem is uptime. My website has been down for about 4-5 hours almost every week. It has been actually very big problem, and Hostgator does not have this problem. Hostgator gives you 99.9% uptime guarantee for every hosting plan. I don't have any uptime problem right now. It is very important for my visitors and Google. If your website down when your visitors or Google try to reach your website, then there is a big problem for your website. You can lose your visitors and you can lose your Google rankings.


Another important thing is speed of the website. The speed of the website is really important for visitors and Google rankings. I tested my website before and after Hostgator and took a picture of the results. You can see that before Hostgator, the speed of my website was very low. It's load time was 2.66 seconds and it is very bad result. After Hostgator, the load time of my website increased incredibly. You can see in the below picture that load time of my website is 784 miliseconds which is 0.784 seconds. It is an amazing before and after result. The improvement of the speed is just amazing.


  hostgator speed test  


  hostgator speed test  


Last thing I want to tell you is the support team of the Hostgator. Lots of hosting company including my old hosting company do not have a good support team. What is good support team? My old hosting company uses ticket system to solve clients' technical or other problems. When I've opened a ticket for my technical problem, they've answer my ticket 2-3 hours or more. It is clearly not a good support team. When I've started to use Hostgator, I was shocked that they had "live support". I only wait for 2 or 3 minutes for help. It is incredible support and incredible support team. You can also call support team for help for 24/7. If you worry about your telephone bill, then you can also call them directly with Skype free. You can have this wonderful hosting experience cheaper with hostgator coupon code that I provided you. Once you start to work with Hostgator, you will see the difference right away.



Hi, I am Erol, author of the article. I am the owner of this website. I've used another hosting company for my website, but I've had lots of problems, so I've decided to use Hostgator for my website. As I said in my article, everything is perfect with Hostgator. I strongly recommend Hostgator for your websites. Your thoughts are very important for me, so please write your comments below. Thank you:)

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