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Google Analytics' International Space Station April Fool is just amazing. When I have first opened my analytics, I did not understand that it was a joke. I thought "what is going on here". I did not understand why all the astronauts in International Space Station are looking to my website. Even the location of the Space Station was changing all the time!


Then I saw the active page "April Fool's", and I finally understood everything. Google's

April Fool continues right now. There are 41 visitors in my site that come from space! Of course it is just a joke, but if this were true, it would be the best moment for a human being.You can find the screenshot of the Google's International Space Station April Fool below. You can see that there are 41 active visitors on my site from International Space Station Control Room.



google international space station april fool


It was really interesting moment for me, and lots of website owners. I think, it is very clever joke. I do not know whether Google does this kind of April Fool every year or not, but I hope they continue to do that.




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