Sometimes, I really want to eat natural eggs in my breakfast. However, I know that eggs in the market is not natural, and these eggs are not delicious neither because chicken egg production is very special process. I want to talk about diy chicken coop. I will explain all the details about how to build a chicken coop easily with basic tools, so you can finally eat natural and delicious eggs every morning. First of all, I want to mention about raising chicken.




If you live in rural areas, then you are very lucky, but raising chicken in the city is also very easy task to accomplish. You know chickens start their lives as little baby chicks. These chicks are actually very cute, and they need


baby chicks


First four weeks are very essential for their life. In this period, you need to feed them with special nutritious food. You can easily provide this nutritious food from market with affordable prices.


Between second and third weeks, these little chicks need to go outside and have some fresh air, but you need to watch out them. They can fly between these periods, and they also need protection against predators.


Between third and fourth weeks, they are big enough to go outside on their own. However, they still need protection, so you can build wire mesh to protect them against predator. In each of these three period, they can eat as much as they want. Do not limit their food, they will regulate themselves with time.

heat bulb


Heating is another important point. The best way to keep warm inside the coop is to have 250-watt infrared heat lamp. This lamp can provide enough heat for your chicken coop. Baby chicks need 95 degrees and this number can be provided by using this kind of heat lamb. You should check the temperature and decide how many infrared heat lamb you will use. The best way to check temperature is observing the chickens. If they stay close to the heat lamb, then you should increase the heat. If they stay far away from the heat lamb, then you should decrease the heat.


These informations are all about how to raise a baby chickens, but the most important thing about raising chickens is a proper chicken coop. Without a proper chicken coop, these informations are pointless. Lets learn how to build a chicken coop easily.




First of all, I want to say that building modern chicken coops is very important to have healthy chickens, and of course healthy chickens give you better quality eggs. You need to have some materials to build diy chicken coop. Once you provide all the materials you need, you will se that the building process is very easy.




Timber: First of all, you need timber to build skeleton of your chicken coop. This is one of the most important material because if you build the durable skeleton, then you can build other parts of the chicken coop easily.



Plywood: Another important material to build diy chicken coop is plywood. You can actually use this material to build walls and roofs. This is very practical material, so you can easily work with them.



Wire Mesh: Wire mesh is very important because this material protect your chickens from predators. Predators are very dangerous for your chickens, and if you do not build wire mesh outside of the chicken coop, then predators can easily give harm to your chickens. You should provide safe environment for your chickens all the time.



These are the most important material to build diy chicken coop all by yourself. There are basically five kinds of chicken coop. Lets look at these construction examples.




There are five kinds of chicken coop. You can build each one of these according to your need. All of them have easy to follow plans and instructions. Everybody can easily build them with basic tools. Diy chicken coop is actually very economic. You can save 50% of your money with building your own chicken coop. Also it is very fun to do, and you will have full control over your chicken coop. You can see all of the five kinds below.

















































After deciding what kind of chicken coop you need to build, all you need is to have detailded plans and instructions to build complete chicken coop. Chicken coop has to be built wisely because it needs lots of special materials to give chickens healthy lives. Even location of the chicken coop is very important. You need to have the best plans and instructions from the best to learn how to build a chicken coop, raise chickens, and impress people with your work! Bill Keene is one of the most experienced poultry experts in the world, and I highly recommend his complete guide to build your chicken coop easily. You need to have this kind of well-prepared and step-by-step guide to build the perfect chicken coop. I think don't waste your time and money for useless and incomplete plans or information. You should have the best! You can have detailed instructions and plans about how to build perfect chicken coops here in Bill Keene's website. Also you can find detailed instructions about how to raise a chicken in this guide with details. This is a very cheap product that I highly recommend for building chicken coop because you should know all the process in details to build proper chicken coop and raise your chickens. This guide has all the things you need. All you need to do is having these step-by-step plans and instructions, then starting to build your high quality chicken coop. Hope my article helps you to learn and build your own diy chicken coop on your own.



Hi, I am Erol, author of the article. I am a dog lover and have my boy named Atom. After having my little Atom, I have decided to raise chickens in my garden and built my first chicken coop. I have learned everything from the best, and I want you to learn from the best too. Your thougts about chicken coops and my article are very important for me. I will be very appreciated if you share your thougts and comments. Thank you.
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