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First of all, I want to tell you about myself. I am a senior engineering student and I love nature. I always try to eat healty and natural food, but in today's world this is something almost impossible. Then, I accidentally find a aquaponics gardening system to grow my own organic and healthy food at home, and I want to tell you about my researches about this system. If you have a backyard, then you can build backyard aquaponics as well. Lets begin with learning what actually aquaponics system is and how to make a diy backyard aquaponics.




I try to explain the aquaponics gardening system as easy as possible because some sources are really hard to understand. This system is the most efficient way to produce organic and healthy food for you. It is simply based on the symbiotic relationships among fish, plants, and bacteria. They all live in one system and help each other to cultivate organic food efficiently. You basically need to have three major things to make diy aquaponics. First one is fish, second is water and third one is seed. These are the key elements to understand the concept. Other things are also important and I will explain to you, however; you will see that you actually have total control over these secondary elements. I mean, you can build the system everywhere and everysize you want.


You can say that why do I build aquaponics system. You should build this system because it is very efficient, healthy, and you do not need soil for the vegetables. Normally you need soil to cultivate the vegetables, but this system works with water. Yes, you only need water, so you do not need to have big garden to build this kind of system.


Another important thing is efficiency as I mentioned above. This system allows you to have up to ten times more vegetables per square meter.This is incredibly huge amount of vegetables. Also you can have concerns about feeding fish, but I can honestly say that don't worry about them because I highly recommend the tilapia fish to you, and tilapia fish eat duckweed. Duckweed is also a vegetable, so you can easily cultivate it in your diy aquaponics. These fish really do not need tons of duckweed. Believe me, if you seperate small amount of space for cultivating duckweed, it is enough for tilapia fish to continue their life.


Eating healthy food is my primary concern, and this practical aquaponics is really the best way to eat them. My researches show me that, this symbiotic relationships is very natural not man made. We only simulate the natural events.




As I mentioned above, aquaponics gardening need to have three major elements: fish, water, and seed. First of all, I want to talk about the symbiotic relationship among these three elements and bacteria. I did not put bacteria in this group because we do not have to add bacteria in this system. Bacteria automatically grow in your system once you have your system.


aquaponics cycle


Aquaponics cycle has basically three steps. First

step is handled by fish. Fish always produce

waste, and this waste is very important for

bacteria. Then bacteria take all the waste and

convert them to effective fertilizer for vegetables.

These vegetables live in the water, and fertilizer

give necessary food to them. This aquaponics

cycle's last agent is vegetables. They filter the

water, and this water returns to the fish. As you

see, aquaponic gardening is beneficial for every

living things.




Once you decide to build your own aquaponics system, you need to have some stuff to make it real, but don't worry about them because these are really affordable and easy to find. First of all, you need a fish tank. Then, you need a container to cultivate the vegetables. Finally, you need a water pump to provide the circulation of water in your system. However, the optimization of the system is complicated and the design process is very important. You can watch the introductory video below.




I can provide you only the basic information of the aquaponics gardening. You need to have detailed plans and videos from owner's website to build this kind of system if you want to get efficiency from this incredibly good system. As I said before, my primary concern is to have healthy food, and this kind of natural and practical aquaponics system is everything I need. You can reach all the designs, instructive videos, and valuable content here. I have found these designs and videos long time ago, and I have used this source to build my own aquaponics system. I hope my article help you to build your own aquaponics system all by yourselves.







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