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Herpes Simplex Virus cause the Herpes Simplex(Herpes) which is very common infection among people. There are actually eight types of Herpes Simplex virus, but two of them are very common, and I will tell you these two common types which are Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2. These two types are also known as HSV1 and HSV2. Herpes is very common and dangerous illness, and I will tell you all the signs and symptoms of herpes. I will also tell you natural cure for herpes, so you will know everything about how to prevent and treat herpes naturally after reading this article. First of all, lets learn more information about Type 1 Herpes and Type 2 Herpes.



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Type 1 Herpes(HSV1) is widely known as Oral Herpes. Oral Herpes can be seen around mouth, lips, and nose. Their form are like sores which are placed around these areas. Be careful that oral herpes is very contagious and painful. This virus can be easily caught by physical contact. If you kiss someone who have type 1 herpes, or use their towel, you can catch a herpes simplex virus easily. Because the physical contact is the most common way to catch herpes, children are vulnerable for this infectious disease. Families should be warned about this type of dangerous illness. Children always play with their friends and contact with each other all the time. This is very dangerous and children should be informed by families about this disease with proper ways. For example, they should not share food, towels, or clothes with their friends.

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Type 2 Herpes(HSV2) is widely known as Genital Herpes. Type 2 Herpes is seen around genitals, and cervix. This type of Herpes is much more painful than Type 1 Herpes, and this is very contagious too. Genital Herpes can be easily caught by oral, vaginal, and anal sex. This type of Herpes is the most common Herpes in the world. It is mostly caused by unprotected sex.


The worst thing about herpes is that you cannot know the 65 percent of people who have this virus. Herpes is a silent virus. Your partners can have Type 1 or Type 2 Herpes, but most of the time they do not show any sign about this. You cannot see any sore or blister around genital area, but they can have the virus.


Once you get the virus, there is no medical treatment for it, and Herpes is known as permanent illness. It is very important that Doctor can decrease the pain, but there is no complete cure! Doctors can give you some prescribed medicines, but these medicines are not the cure. These medicines can only prevent the reproduction of viruses. This means, you will have these viruses in your body for lifetime. I will tell you how to cure this illness naturally with using proven techniques. First of all I want to tell you the signs and symptoms of Herpes.




There are lots of signs and symptoms of Herpes. You should know that Herpes is recurring illness. Once you catch the illness, it will probably repeat lots of time in your lifetime without the cure thet I will tell you. If you catch Type 1 Herpes, then you will have painful cold sores and blisters around your nose, mouth, and lips. Type 2 Herpes also cause sores and blister around genital areas. As I said before, Type 2 Herpes is much more painful than Type 1 Herpes. Type 2 Herpes also cause painful urination, fever, vaginal discharge, discharge from penis, and weakness. These are primary signs and symptoms of Herpes. However, you should be careful that, these symptoms may not be seen eventhough you have a virus.




1. This is very important that you can prevent Herpes virus. You should not have unprotected sex with your partner. You should use latex condom while having sex. However, using condom is not enough for some circumstances, so you should not have sex with your partner who has Type 2 Herpes if you want a full protection.


2. You should avoid physical contact with people. Don't use their personal belongings such as towel, pillow, clothes. This is very important that you need to warn your children about Type 1 Herpes. It is very contagious, so they need to be careful while playing with their friends.



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This is shocking that Herpes is very common illness. I will provide you the percentage of people who have Herpes, but you should know that this is not accurate. Actually there are more people suffering from Herpes, but they are not recorded because lots of people are shy about the Herpes, so they don't tell anyone that they have Herpes including Doctors. In USA, 20% of people have Herpes. In Sweeden, 35% of people and in Brazil, 40% of people are suffering from Herpes Simplex Virus. These numbers show that there is an incredible threat that we should be careful.




As I told you Herpes is very dangerous, and contagious disease, and there is no medical cure for Herpes. However, the good news is that there is a natural way to cure Herpes once and for all. You don't need to use medication again after learning this natural treatment process. This is very important that these medications cannot cure your disease, and they have lots of side effects too.

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You don't need to feel guilt or regret about your illness anymore. I will show you how to have the complete treatment, and you will get rid of Herpes forever. The natural cure for Herpes comes from the father of Melanie Addington who is an incredible medical doctor. You can see the picture of Melanie Addington and her ex boyfriend on the right hand side. When Melanie has caught the virus from him, her father started to find out treatment for Herpes. He is the doctor who always want to see the results! After countless researches, he finally found 100% natural treatment for Herpes, and Melanie has completely cured by this. You also can get rid of Herpes with this natural treatment completely like Melanie and thousands of other people.


This is very important that you can have this natural cure in the absolute privacy, so no more shying about your illness! Over 28,000 people use this natural cure for Herpes, and they are absolutely satisfied. If you want to cure your disease completely with using proven natural treatment like them, then you should see the webpage of Melanie Addington here. This is very cheap product that I highly recommend for you. You will pay very small amount of money for this treatment, and cure your Herpes completely. You should know that the doctors' fees and medications cost you thousands of dollars, and they cannot cure Herpes completely. You are the most important person in the world, and you should be careful about yourselves.



Hi, I am Erol, author of the article. I want you to have better life conditions, and Herpes is something very dangerous disease for people. After searching for lots of products and guides, I finally believed to find the best one. I try to give some information about this guide in my article, and you should visit owner's website for all the detailed information. Your thougts about this guide and my article are very important for me. I will be very appreciated if you share your thougts and comments. Thank you.


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