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Herpes is very dangerous and highly contagious virus which is formally called Herpes Simplex Virus(HSV), and there are two common type of it which are Type-1(HSV1) and Type-2(HSV2). Both types of Herpes are contagious, and the way you catch the virus is actually the same with each other. It is physical contact. What is Type-1 and Type-2 Herpes? Well, Type-1 is Oral Herpes, and Type-2 is Genital Herpes. I will tell you these two types of Herpes and how to get herpes infection with details. Let's begin with Oral Herpes.

is herpes contagious is very important question and the answer is yes herpes is highly contagious


Oral Herpes is very common in the United States. The percentage of people who have Oral Herpes is over 80% in the United States. This is because people are not careful about Herpes Infection. Herpes is not a simple infection. You should know everything about Herpes, and protect yourselves. If you are not careful about this infection, then you should know that there is no medical treatment for Herpes. Yes, There is no medication to cure Herpes entirely. Once you catch the virus, then it will be in your body for lifetime. Oral Herpes mostly shows itself around your mouth formed like sores and blisters. Especially lips are the most common place for Herpes Type-1. If you don't want to be infected by this virus, then don't even think about to use someone's towel, spoon, or eat someone's food. Even a little kiss or touch can transmit the Herpes Virus.

pictures of herpes


Genital Herpes is something very similar to Oral Herpes, but more painful version of it. It is also formed like sores and blisters, and there are over 50 Million people who have Genital Herpes in the United States. The reason is the same with Oral Herpes, inattention and unawareness. You need to know how to catch Herpes Virus, so you can defend yourself. Genital Herpes is also highly contagious, and transmission occurs with physical contact which means sex in this case. Using condom may help, but it is not the complete solution. You should know that it is very aggressive virus, and simple touch can start the transmission process. As I said before, there is no medical cure for Herpes. There are outbreaks which is repetition of sores and blisters. When outbreaks occur, you should not have sex with your partner. It is very dangerous. However, even if there are no outbreaks, you can catch the virus. This is also true for Oral Herpes. I know there seems to have no safe option, but unfortunately the reality is this. You should be careful about sores, and use condom while having sex with your partner to decrease the chance of transmission. You can accomplish this with your good attention.


Eventhough there is no complete medical cure, there is natural cure for Herpes Type-1 and Type-2. This is amazing opportunity for all of the people who suffer from this disease. It is your opportunity to get rid of Herpes completely with natural ways. You should read my article about natural cure for Herpes here. The answer for the question "is herpes contagious?" is absolutely yes, and there is a natural way to get rid of it. Hope it will help.



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Hi, I am Erol, author of the article. I want you to have better life conditions, and Herpes is something very dangerous disease for people. I try to tell you everything about Herpes Simplex Virus, and I want you to get rid of this virus completely with using natural treatment. I will be very appreciated if you share your thougts and comments. Thank you.


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