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First of all, I want say something about photograpy. Photography doesn't mean expensive cameras and equipments. Photography means knowledge, experience, and creativity. It takes lots of time to take better photos. Lots of experiences and trials make you good photographer with your creativity. These photography tricks and techniques will teach you advanced photography. As a photographer, you want to amaze people with breath taking photographs without any special effects. Special effects decrease the value of the photographs and decrease the number of people who are amazed from your works. However, photography effects that you create with your camera increase the value of the photograps and the photographers.


I said that you need knowledge to be a better photographer, but you don't have to spend lots of times to gain information from tons of sources, and you know that professionals don't let you know everything they know. They give you just the basics not all photography tricks and techniques. However, how to be a photographer is very different thing. I will give you all the information about cool photography tricks and techniques, and you will amaze people, and improve your photography skills with these easy photography tricks without any special effects, but first of all you should see the amazing video about how to make light painting with basic DSLR and then photographs which are taken by these photography techniques and more. I will give you the informarmation about how to learn advanced photography techniques with videos like this one. This one is just a sample video, and there are lots of videos to teach you the right techniques.





I want to put this photograph in first place to show that you don't need to have expensive camera and equipments to create excellent photographs with breath taking photography effects. You just need to have any kind of dslr camera to learn and apply these techniques.


you do not need expensive dslr cameras


You can take increadible photographs with using simple things. For example, this photograph looks complicated and difficult to take, but it is really very simple photograph if you use right techniques. For this photograph, entry-level digital SLR camera, light source and laser are used.The result is amazing with the right technique which are very simple to apply.


lightening photography


You can create more photograph with this photography technique. Once you learn the basic idea of the photography effects, your creativity will make you a good photographer.


cool photography technique


trick photography ideas


This is really amazing photograph. You will learn how to increase the number of the item with usin basic tools.

people in everywhere



flying fruits photography technique


This is another great technique to take photograph. You will learn how to turn the world 360 degrees.


360 degrees turn


Everybody thinks that this photograph is prepared by Photoshop, but once they heard that Photoshop was not used to create this photograph, they really amazed. It is very powerful photography technique you will easily learn.


photography technique without phoshop


This photograph is taken with infrared photography technique. You actually use the infrared leds to catch shot something like that.


infrared photography technique


You can easily rotate the persperctive with using technique I will mention about. This shot is amazing, everytime I look at this photograph, I confused and amazed. Star rain is also amazing shot, and you will learn all the details about them.


rotated perspective technique star rain technique


These are amazing photographs with amazing techniques. You don't need to spend lots of time and money to learn all the photography tricks and techniques. I was one of you who wanted to learn advanced photography. I wasted my time to take courses, but none of them was useful for me, and I found this amazing photography techniques which has all the amazing techniques and tricks to be an advanced photographer. You will learn everything about photography with detailed instructions and videos in this website. I cannot put all these materials in my article because these instructions and videos are not belong to me. This is a very cheap product that I highly recommend for you as a photographer. You will be amazed once you see the techniques. However, even more important thing is people will be amazed once they see your incredible photographs.









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