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Latte art was first seen in Italy, and demand for this kind of art is increasing day by day. I think almost everybody including me want to begin their day with these beautiful pieces of art. Sometimes artists create such an amazing picture, and I will share the best latte arts using celebrity portraits.


1. Mr. Spock(Star Trek)


  celebrity latte art mr. spock form star trek  


2. Marilyn Monroe


  celebrity latte art marilyn monroe  


3. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine


  celebrity latte art hugh jackman as wolverine  


4. Barack Obama


  best latte art with barack obama  


5. Miley Cyrus


  miley cyrus latte art  


6. Will Smith


  will smith in latte art  


7. PSY


  psy celebrity latte art  


8. Gandhi


  gandhi latte art using celebrity portraits  


9. Kenny McCormick(South Park)


  kenny southpark latte art  


10. Leonardo Dicaprio


  leonardo dicaprio  


11. Mario


  mario celebrity latte art  


12. Stewie Griffin(Family Guy)


  Stewie Griffin family guy portrait using latte art  









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