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Dog barking is very important problem for dog owners. Endless dog barking disturbs people so much especially our neighbors. Actually dogs bark because they want to communicate with us and other dogs. However, excessive dog barking should be solved. I will tell you why dog barks, and how to stop dog barking problem in this article.


why do dogs bark


Why do dogs bark is very important question because once we know the reason of the dog barking, then we can solve it easily. Why do dogs bark? They bark because they want to communicate with the world. This is how they show their emotions to us. If they are bored, or sad, then they simply bark. Actually, this is their nature. Dogs always live with herd in their natural environment. They don't live alone, so they need good attention. I can seperate the reason of dog barking problem into three categories.


1. If dogs stay alone, then they will probably bark to be heard by someone.

2. Dogs can bark if they hear something different or see someone different.

3. Dogs also can bark if they want your attention. They are emotional animals, so they always need your good attention.




We need to satisfy our dogs' needs. They are our best friends, and they need something special. They basically need very good diet program (preferably diet with homemade dog food recipes), lots of exercises, good training, lots of toys to play, and YOU! Yes, you and your love are the most important thing for them. This is a good start if you do all these things. Now, lets talk about how to stop dog barking.



solve dog barking problem


First of all, you need to know that dogs think differently, and we need to learn how our behavior should be while they are barking. They always watch us and they actually don't know whether they are our pet or not. They can think that we are their pet, and we do whatever they want us to do! This problem should be solved immediately. The best approach is ignoring them when they bark. You should ignore them if they want something and try to obtain this by barking. You should act like you don't hear their bark. However, it is very important that you have to reward when they are silent, so they will learn that being silent is good, but barking is not. This approach is very effective for dogs who want your attention or something else, and obtain it by barking.

dogs barking at the doorbell


If you say "my dog barks at the doorbell", then you should know that this is very common problem because dogs bark different sounds frequently. We need to teach them that the door bell is not important, and there are other things more important than door bell. We can do that by rewarding them when doorbell rings. It is very important that you should reward them when they bark and don't bark at the doorbell. This is not something which encourages your dogs to bark. This reward should be something which stops their bark, and they will learn that there is other things more important that doorbell. With time, your dogs will not bark. They will actually wait for better things when doorbell rings.


Your dogs can bark at your guests when the doorbell rings. Then you should show your dogs that the doorbell does not mean the guests. One of your friends can ring your doorbell on purpose, and she/he can disappear after ringing doorbell. When you and your dogs open the door, there is nobody, so there is no reason to bark! You can keep doing this exercise, and you will see that your dogs will stop barking eventually.


If your dogs bark when they are alone, then you should show them you are going to be with them later. They also should know that if they need something, you will be there. Let them bark when you go somewhere else. When you come back, you ignore them. Don't go near them. If they don't bark when you go somewhere else, and return quickly, then you should reward them. This behavior tell them not to bark when you go somewhere else.


I tried to why dog barks and how to stop dog barking problem. You can solve all barking problems with easy approaches, but the most important thing is continuity. You should decide one technique and continue to perform this technique all the time with patience. I also have an article about how to train dogs and solve their behavior problems. You can read my article "How to Train Dogs? Dog Behavior Changes With Your Knowledge" here. It gives you the basis of the dog training techniques. Training dogs strengthens the connection between you and your dogs.





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Hi, I am Erol, author of the article. I love dogs and I want them to have healthier lives. I try to give a better life to my precious Atom, and I want you to know the best things for your dogs. Your thougts about dogs and my article are very important for me. I will be very appreciated if you share your thougts and comments. Thank you.

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