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Why dogs chew is very important question, and many dog lovers do not know the answers. Because they do not know the answers and basic training tips, the training process seems very hard. However, training puppies not to chew is actually very easy process. If you follow my simple instructions, you will reach your goal instantly. First, I want to talk about why dogs chew.



why dogs chew


Chewing is very common and actually natural and healthy for all dogs. They mostly chew something for strenghting their jaws and teeth. People are also need to chew to strenght their teeth and jaws. Dogs are the same with people, but they need to chew more. In nature, dogs chew bones all the time, so we need to know that this is a completely natural for them.


Chewing process also clean their teeth. We have toothpaste and toothbrush to clean our teeth as a people, but dogs' nature is very different from us. Their teeth

need frictional force to be cleaned, and they satisfy the need with chewing something.


Baby dogs need to have more attention to their teeth because they change their baby teeth. This process is very hard for baby dogs. Their teeth start to itch, and this is very disturbing time for poor baby dogs. They need to chew something to stop itching. You need to provide them some chewing toys in this period. You should not be angry with them. You need to be patient. Keep in mind that it won't last for long.




The main idea about dog training has 5 steps:


1. Be patient to your dogs

2. Do not be angry with your dogs

3. Do not punish your dogs

4. Give rewards for their good behaviors

5. Repeat these 4 steps all the time

dogs chewing furniture


Now let's talk about training dogs not to chew according to these 5 steps. If your dog chew your furniture or something you do not want him to chew, then you should find something else for him to chew freely. It can be chewing toys, or chewing bones. Once you find the material that your dog like to chew, you should encourage him to chew this material.


You should be patient to your dog. Observe your dog carefully. Whenever he tries to chew unwanted material, you should distract his attention, and give him allowed material. When you give him allowed material, you will see that your dog will be very happy with this material, and start to chew it. After some time, he can go back to the unwanted material. Be patient and repeat the step.


Do not angry with your dog. As I said before, he can go back to the unwanted material. When he go back, you should be calm. If you are angry with your dog, it does not help. They are not humanbeings. Their language is very different from us. You should solve your problems with your dog positively.


Do not punish your dog. Your dogs really do not understand the punishment. If your dog try to chew unwanted material, and you punish him for example if you lock him somewhere and do not allow him to go outside. I assure you that he does not understand why you punish him, or what the punishment is.

dog chewing bones


Give reward to his good behavior. Your dog understand the reward which is right after the good behavior. For this training situaiton, the reward is a allowed chewing material. Whenever you distract your dog's attention while chewing unwanted material, you should give him allowed one as a reward. Be careful

that you should give this reward right after the distraction. It is very important.


Repeat these 4 steps all the time. Finally, you should repeat all these steps until your dog learns

everything clearly. Repetition is the key element for training dogs.


Every information is finished. Then let's watch the video about training puppies not to chew. This video is prepared by professional dog trainer and dog behavioral specialist Doggy Dan. This is a sample and short video about why dogs chew and solving this problem. He has very special and comprehensive dog training videos and instructions. You can reach his website to have detailed instructions and videos about dog training here.




I absolutely recommend his dog training video tutorials to understand your dogs and train them easily. Do not forget that good training can be accomplished by good knowledge.





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Hi, I am Erol, author of the article. I love dogs and I want them to have healthier lives. I try to give a better life to my precious Atom, and I want you to know the best things for your dogs. Your thougts about dogs and my article are very important for me. I will be very appreciated if you share your thougts and comments. Thank you.

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