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Dogs are very intelligent animals. They can memorize your instructions, and solve complicated problems. I will tell you top ten smartest dog breeds. If you want to own a dog, but don't know how to choose one, then you should take a look at the most intelligent dog breeds.


10. Australian Cattle Dog


  australian cattle dog is number ten in our smartest dog breeds list  


Australian Cattle Dog is the number ten in smartest dog breed list. They are very loyal to people. The most important thing you should know about them is that they need lots of exercises. They are willing to do every job you give. They are not house dogs. You should give them lots of area and job to do. They need at least 2-3 hours of exercises every day. Their hair is short and water resistant, so it doesn't need special attention.


9. Rottweiler


  smartest dog breeds rottweiler is the number 9 most intelligent dog in the world  


Rottweiler is a fantastic dog if you do the right things. They are very loyal and protective dogs. They are known as a painless and powerful dogs. Muscular body is the key point of Rottweilerand, and black lips are the finger prints for them. They need a good training and exercise program. If you provide good exercise program for this incredible dog, then they can live almost everywhere. It is very interesting but this massive and overly muscular dog can live in your house. If you need a protection for your family, then this breed defends your family fearlessly.


8. Doberman


  doberman is the top eight smartest dog in the world. They are one of the most intelligent dog breeds.  


Doberman needs authority. You need to be authoritarian if you want to deal with this breed. They are powerful and protective dogs. They can be trained easily. Exercise is very important for this breed. You should provide good exercise to decrease their energy level. They are fearless, protective, and loyal to people, but they are one of the most dangerous dog breed in the world. They are dangerous, but they can be great family dogs if you raise them with children from early puppyhood. Their short coat does not need special attention, but you should know that cold weather can be a challenge, so you need to dress up them.


7. Papillon


  papillon is one of the most intelligent dog breeds. this smart dog can be easily trained.  


Papillon is very small and energetic dog. They can be easily trained. Butterfly ears are the most beautiful physical feature for this breed. Home life can be very tough for Papillon. They can bark almost everything which is threat for them. Their coat needs special attention. You should brush their coat with daily basis.


6. Labrador Retriever


  labrador retriever is one of the smartest dog breeds.  


Labrador is very friendly dogs. The most important thing about labrador is that they have a webbed paws, so they are perfect swimmers. Cold weather is not a problem for them. They can adapt almost all environments. If you have a family, then this dog is perfect for you. They are very good with children, and they don't have any biting problem.


5. Shetland Sheepdog


  shetland sheepdog is the very smart dog. They are the number five smartest dog breed.  


Shetland Sheepdog is very sensitive dog breed. They even understand the tone of your voice. If you are rude to them, then they will not listen to you. They are very kind dogs, and need to have kind people. They are very good with family, and training is very easy. They can live in your house if you provide them a good exercise with daily basis. Protection is very important for this breed. They are not good with strangers, and this breed can bark to them.


4. Golden Retriever


  golden retriever is one of the most popular and smartest dog breed.  


Golden Retriever is absolutely perfect family dog. What is the most popular dog breed? The answer is clearly Golden Retriever. Families love them, children love them, parents love and trust them. They will give all their love to you. One of the most important feature of Golden Retriever is that they have soft mouth, so they can carry raw eggs in their mouth without any damage. This is very important feature if you have a baby because they can control the pressure of their mouth. Swimming is not a problem for them because of their webbed paws. Training is very easy but their coat needs special attention. Golden Retriever can live almost everywhere. They are very good to live in your apartment, but you should provide them appropriate exercises.


3. German Shepherd


  german shepherd is the number three of the smartest dog categories  


German Shepherd is known as K-9 Police Dog. They are truly a fearless dogs. They can handle all the danger for you. Cold weather is not a problem for their double layer coat. Training process is very easy. They can learn almost everything faster than you think. German Shepherd is very good family dog. They have a incredible relationship with children. However, we cannot say this good relationship for strangers. Strangers should be careful because they are very protective dogs. They can live in your apartment, but they need a regular exercise program.


2. Poodle


  poodle is one of the most intelligent dog breeds.  


Poodles are noble dogs. Unlike their kind and fragile apparance, they are actually a hunting dog. Their coat is very special, so they can hunt in the water and never cold. Grooming is very hard for this breed. Their hair needs speacial attention, and it can be very expensive. I said hair because they don't have regular fur, they have hair. This is very good for allergies, and you don't see any hair on the floor and clothes. Poodle is the second most intellegent dog breed, so training is very easy. They are very good family dogs, and can live in your apartment.


1. Border Collie


  most intelligent dog breed is border collie. Border Collie is the smartest dog breed.  


Border Collie is the most intelligent dog breed, and their concentration is very high. You can teach them what ever you want with record times. Complex works are very easy for them because of their amazing intelligence. They are very powerful and healthy dog, so they cannot live in your apartment. They need space to live. They need to be active all the time. They are good family dog but they are full of energy and always active, so this can be a problem for children. Grooming is easy. Regular brushing is enough for this highly intelligent breed.


What is your favorite dog breed? Leave a comment and let us know:)





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