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How to train dogs is very important question. You should know that dogs can learn everytime and almost everything. However, the problem is that we don't know how to train our dogs, and lots of times, we teach them bad behaviors unintentionally! Believe me they always watch us, and learn everything with their own way. What is the meaning of "their own way"? Well, humans and dogs are very different species, and our learning methods are also different. You need to be very careful while training your dogs. We can actually tell our children what the bad behavior or good behavior is, but dogs have very different kinds of learning methods, and I will explain the best learning methods to train your dogs easily.




There are lots of learning methods for your dogs, but we don't want to mention some of them because they contain violence, and we are absolutely opposed to violence towards animals. There are basically 3 excellent methods to teach them what you want for all true dog lovers. First method is what we call "Repeat or Ignore".



repeat or ignore method


Maybe the most common method to teach something to

our dogs is repeat or ignore method. Dogs always observe the consequences. Consequences are the most important factor to choose the behavior for them. With this method, basically you should give a reward to your dogs if they do the behavior you want. If they don't do the behavior, then they will get nothing. They observe the consequences and choose the behavior you want because of the reward which can be food or game. Then they begin to repeat this kind of behavior when they are in the same situation. What about the behavior they got nothing? They basically ignore this behavior, and stop to do that with times.



action after stimulus method


This method need a stimulus to teach something to our dogs. This is basically a classical conditioning which Ivan Pavlov has found. You should give your dogs any stimulus before a desired behavior, and you should actually make them do this behavior right after this stimulus. If you keep doing this behavior with your dogs everytime you give the stimulus, then your dogs begin to do this specific behavior everytime you give them this specific stimulus. For example, if you want your dogs to go in front of the entry door everytime the door bell rings, then you should take them in front of the entry door everytime the door bell rings. If you do this consistently, then you will see that your dogs will learn to go in front of the entry door with door bell sound. You can teach them almost everything with this teaching method.



the mirror method


In this method, your dogs need someone to imitate. In their natural environment, newborn puppies learn the most important things from their families. How to find food, how to react to different kinds of animals, how to find a place to live and more are learned by imitating the others. You can teach something to your dogs by finding them a role model. You can actually find another dog as a role model for your dogs. However, you or another person also can be a role model for them because human role models also work. If you give your dogs a reward after imitating the role model succesfully, they can even learn faster.


These are the best methods to train your dogs. You can easily follow these methods and train your dogs very fast, but you need to know these methods in details like me. I will explain how you are going to reach the detailed information. First of all, I want to say that training your dogs is absolutely necessary to give them happy lives and strengthen the emotional connections between you and your dogs. I think, our dogs are member of our family, and it is our duty to give them happy lives. As I said before, you need to be very careful while training your dogs. There are lots of researches in recent decades to learn about how to train dogs. When I have first searched for dog training techniques for my little Atom, I found the easiest and most powerful system based on these methods with lots of examples, photos, instructions, videos, and much more in one website. I cannot put all these materials in my article because these materials are not belong to me. I can give you only the basic information about the techniques, but you can find detailed instructions and videos about the best dog training system in this website. This is a very cheap product that I highly recommend for your dog. Dogs are member of our family and we have to pay attention to them.


Hi, I am Erol, author of the article. I love dogs and I want them to have happier and healthier lives. I try to give a better life to my precious Atom, and I want you to know the best things for your dogs. Your thougts about dogs and my article are very important for me. I will be very appreciated if you share your thougts and comments. Thank you.
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