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Teaching your dog tricks to find and bring you something is really simple. Every dog breed can learn this trick easily, so they can find specific objects and bring you back. Some dogs have a gift about this trick. You don't even need to train them, but even laziest dogs can be trained with the help of bell and reward which can be homemade dog food or treats. I will tell you how to teach your dog to find and bring very specific objects with step-by-step instructions.



dogs bring newspaper    


You cannot teach your dog a trick instantly. You should divide a trick many parts, so this

makes the learning process easier. First of all, picking a starting object is very important. If you pick an object that your dogs really like to play, then you have a good start. This object can be a towel, bottle, or toy which is big enough to hold in their mouth. Once you or your dogs pick an object, we are ready to learn all the steps.


1. Put the objects one meter away from your dogs. This is our first step to teach your dogs to find and bring something.


2. If your dogs start to walk throught the object, ring the bell and give them a reward like biscuit.


3. Then observe your dogs. If they go near the object and touch it with their nose, then ring the bell and give the reward again. (You should repeat these steps 12 times and don't ring the bell after the last time.)


4. Observe your dogs again. If they hold the object in their mouth, then ring the bell and give the reward.


5. Once your dogs get used to hold the object in their mouth, you should wait until they lift the object. If they lift, then ring the bell and give the reward.


6. You should keep ringing the bell to extend the holding time.


7. Increase the distance between your dogs and the object gradually.


8. This step is very important to make all of the training process efficient. Choose a word like "take" and use this word to label the process of holding the object in their mouth.


9. You should also choose another word like "give" to label the giving object process. I will tell you all of these steps with examples a little later.


You should be patient while performing all these steps. Once you teach your dog trick to find and bring you something for one object, the rest will be easy.



  dog bring car key  


If you always lose your car keys like me, then this training exercise is absolutely for you. You can also teach your dog to find and bring the telephone, remote controller, newspaper, letter, and even leash. Your dogs use their eyes and sense of smell, so they can easily find and bring your key to you. This trick is an example of the previous steps, so you can train your dog easily with all the objects you want with following this example. However, don't forget to study on previous steps before starting this example because your dogs need to learn the basic concept first.


1. Give the car key to your dogs and use the command "take". Once they hold it in their mouth, ring the bell and then give the reward.


2. Walk away from your dogs a little bit and call them. If they move toward you, then ring the bell and give the reward.


3. Put the car keys on the floor and say "take". Once your dogs hold the key in their mouth, ring the bell and give the reward.


4. Walk away from your dogs more and repeat all the processes again.


5. You should put the key to different places and repeat all the processes again and again. You should sometimes hide the key. Each time your dogs achieve the goal, ring the bell and give the reward.


6. Repeat all of these proceses until your dogs fully understand the situation. After your dogs fully understand the situation, use the command "key" right before the old command "take". After lots of practices, you should say just "key" and your dogs will understand everything.


7. Repeat this example frequently, so your dogs will always want to find your car key everytime you want.


It is very easy to teach your dog tricks to find and bring something. You can try this finding and bringing trick with another objects too. You should just follow all the steps and teach your dogs the name of the objects. They can learn as much as you want. Don't forget the patience. This trick is something new for your dogs and it takes time to be learned properly.





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