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Everybody knows that dogs are perfect swimmers, but first of all you need to train them to swim properly. They can be afraid of water, if they have never been in the water like lake, sea, or pool. I will tell you exactly how to teach a dog to swim properly. There are lots of teaching tips you should follow, and also I will show you a great video tutorial about teaching puppy to swim.


Swimming is a new experience for your dogs, but they have it in their genes. You should just guide your dog to discover these genes. First of all, you need to find a proper place to teach your dog to swim.



how to train a dog to swim properly is very easy with proper training tips


Finding place is very important step for begining. This place should be calm because we don't want to disturb our dogs with strangers and other dogs that we don't know. Preferably you should go to this place with someone you and your dogs know and trust. This step of training is very important because this is your dogs' first experience, and we absolutely don't want to scare them.


The water also should be calm. If your choice is going to the sea, then you should be careful that the sea doesn't have excessive number waves.




This step is very important while teaching puppy to swim. No rush for this step! Getting your dog used to the water can be very challenging. Your dogs probably will not want to go inside of the water. Some toys can be helpful to speed up this step. Take some toys that your dog loves to play for example balls, or bones. First of all, your dog's feet should touch the water. You can play the balls near the water and try to call your dog. He most probably come playing with you easily near the water. Once he touch the water, you should go deeper place of the water.




Once you start to go deeper place of the water, your dog can be afraid of water. You should be patient and continue to play and call your dog. Do not yell at him. Yelling doesn't solve anything. you should be happy and positive to your dog. Eventually, you will see that your dog will start to come playing with you. After your dog gets used to the water, It is time to teach your dog to swim properly. It is very easy because dogs are swimmers. All you need to do is to show him there is nothing to afraid of. Throw the ball deeper places of the water and ask your dog to take it, or you can go deeper place and ask him to come and play with you. He eventually swim to the deeper places. Yo can reward him with food or something else.


As I said before, patience is the most important thing to teach your dog to swim properly. I will show you a video about how to teach a dog to swim. This video is prepared by Doggy Dan, professional dog trainer and behavioral specialist. If you like to train your dog with this kind of training videos then you can find the best video training program with hundreds of videos in his website. You cannot train your dogs just by reading. You should observe someone to train your dog properly.








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Hi, I am Erol, author of the article. I love dogs and I want them to have healthier lives. I try to give a better life to my precious Atom, and I want you to know the best things for your dogs. Your thougts about dogs and my article are very important for me. I will be very appreciated if you share your thougts and comments. Thank you.

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